Google Cloud and Polygon Labs announced a strategic alliance on Thursday that will see Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine support Polygon, the popular Ethereum scaling solution.

This move will make the deployment and management of Polygon nodes easier for developers, and will ultimately boost the adoption of the Polygon ecosystem.

The Blockchain Node Engine already supports Ethereum and is working to integrate Solana, as previously reported.

According to a Google Cloud spokesperson, this integration will enable developers to scale the technology more quickly, ensure transactions remain fast, and keep fees low as demand increases.

The partnership will make it easier and faster for developers to deploy on Polygon’s proof-of-stake network, Polygon Supernets, and Polygon zkEVM.

Google Cloud infrastructure will provide the necessary resources to support Polygon’s scaling efforts and help developers overcome the time-intensive processes and costly overheads associated with provisioning, maintaining, and operating their own dedicated blockchain nodes.

The Polygon ecosystem has been gaining momentum over the past year, with a growing number of developers and companies adopting the platform.

The partnership with Google Cloud is expected to accelerate this growth and provide access to funding for web3 start-ups.

According to Brendan Farmer, co-founder of Polygon Labs, “Scaling blockchains with ZK technology eliminates the throughput bottlenecks present on existing chains, but it requires access to compute, so partnering with Google is an important step toward our ZK-powered future.”