Seoul, Korea, 14th February, 2023

tripleS, a K-pop girl group with 24 members, has caught attention with its new album “ASSEMBLE”. The eight-track album features the track “Rising”, which was released on February 13th as an EP album.

The fluid nature of tripleS’ composition means a selection of its female stars grace each album release. This selection and creation of sub-groups are determined by the fans through a blockchain-based voting process called “Gravity”. In addition, once a year, an album with all members will be released. “ASSEMBLE” is the first album with all 10 members that have been revealed thus far: SeoYeon Yoon, HyeRin Jeong, JiWoo Lee, ChaeYeon Kim, YooYeon Kim, SooMin Kim, NaKyoung Kim, YuBin Gong, Kaede, and DaHyun Seo.

For “ASSEMBLE”, fans participated by voting for the title track. Voting took place between December 1-8, 2022 on Modhaus’ mobile application “COSMO: the Origin”. Each day, fans were invited to choose one song over the other using a tournament format. In the final round, Song B won and became the lead track of “ASSEMBLE”. During the course of the voting process, approximately 57,340 COMO (or voting tokens) were used. 

From Jan 30 to Feb 6, 2023, tripleS, including the Dimension who feature on ASSEMBLE, joined a Modhaus live hangout on Discord. It was the first time members had directly communicated with fans on Discord, making tripleS the first K-Pop group to ever hold a Discord event of this kind. Also, Modhaus is known for filming and uploading “SIGNAL” or vlog-formatted videos on its YouTube channel. Modhaus plans on further enhancing communication via its various social media outlets. 

Modhaus CEO Jaden Jeong said: ​​“I’m very confident about the album ASSEMBLE, especially because its title track was solely decided by the fans. This is an unprecedented case of letting the fans listen and decide on the album’s main song. tripleS and ASSEMBLE will prove that a fan-centered system is the future of entertainment.”

About tripleS

tripleS is a 24-member K-Pop girl group that uses blockchain technology to enable fans to control various elements of the experience. The fan community has voted to create two subunits of tripleS as well as selecting the main song for the album ASSEMBLE via their own Polygon-based voting mechanism.  

About Modhaus

Modhaus is a web3 project aiming to promote Korean pop culture via blockchain technology. The company brings fans closer to creators by putting them at the center of the experience. Modhaus seeks to include fans across all stages of production using NFT-powered governance mechanisms.

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