UK-based company Gensyn AI is harnessing the power of decentralized technology to unlock the full potential of machine learning.

With the recent announcement of $43 million in Series A funding, led by a16z crypto, Gensyn AI aims to empower developers through a pay-as-you-go model, enabling the creation of AI tools with ease.

Gensyn AI, founded in 2020 by Ben Fielding and Harry Grieve, has built a decentralized machine learning compute protocol.

This innovative solution aims to connect machine learning-capable compute hardware worldwide, including GPUs and CPUs, making it accessible to engineers, researchers, and academics. The main challenge addressed by Gensyn AI is ensuring the proper execution of computational tasks on devices.

Fielding emphasized that Gensyn AI has successfully tackled the critical problem of verifying the execution of machine learning training tasks.

This breakthrough in machine learning training specifically sets Gensyn AI apart and paves the way for further advancements in the field.

Grieve explained that Gensyn AI operates on a layer one proof-of-stake blockchain based on the Substripe protocol.

This layer one blockchain, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, forms the foundational layer where transactions occur and blocks are added to the chain. Gensyn AI’s blockchain infrastructure provides unlimited scalability and ensures low-cost verification overhead.

The recent funding round, led by a16z crypto, saw participation from notable investors such as CoinFund, Canonical Crypto, Protocol Labs, Eden Block, and various angel investors.

These investors share Gensyn AI’s vision of democratizing AI and enabling ambitious entrepreneurs to train new models at scale.