Los Angeles, California, 8th February, 2023

Right before one of the biggest nights for recording artists, Gala Music, a global leader in Web3 music, ran an Open Mic event to find and celebrate undiscovered talent by holding auditions to win a career-making contract with the company.

Up-and-coming musicians lined the street outside The Wayfarer LA for a chance to launch their careers with Gala Music. Over 50 artists had the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience at the event which also attracted the attention of music industry experts, including Leila Steinberg, artist mentor and first manager for superstar rapper Tupac Shakur. 

Given the ethos of Web3 music, the top five performances shortlisted will be streamed and put to a community vote on Gala Music’s weekly Web3 music show “Top of the Drops”  This Grammys special episode of the show takes place on Thursday, February 9, 2023, at 12 PM PT on Gala Music’s official YouTube channel @GalaMusicOfficial.

The winning performance will be rewarded with a music contract allowing the winners to drop music in NFT form on Gala Music’s platform as tracks while providing fans with direct rewards and unique experiences like concerts, merchandise, backstage access and more. Previous emerging artists have made the monetary equivalent of 2.5 million Spotify streams in just one NFT drop with the platform.

This week’s “Top of the Drops’’ episode will also provide live viewers a chance to win two Access Passes to Gala’s 2024 Pre-Grammys Event. The lucky viewer will be flown to LA in 2024 to party with the Gala Music team at a VIP event with flight and hotel accommodations provided. 

Gala Music’s CEO,  Sarah Buxton (Bux), describes the Open Mic event: “This is what Gala Music is all about! The event created a much deserved, and potentially career-changing opportunity for artists in the community. We can’t wait to see who the Gala Music community votes to receive a contract. There are so many talented musicians that Web3 music can help discover and give a platform to.” 

The Top of the Drops Grammys episode streams on Gala Music’s YouTube channel this Thursday, February 9th at 12 PM / 3 PM ET and other shows can be found there weekly.

About Gala Music
Gala Music is a decentralized music world built for artists, fans and supporters. With music NFT drops, rewards, unparalleled experiences and some of your favorite stars, Gala Music is shaking up the music industry to make it more enriching for everyone.

For more information visit: https://music.gala.com 

About Gala
Gala is a world-leading Web3 entertainment company that uses blockchain technology to power digital ownership and rewards, creating a revolutionary new way of building and consuming entertainment. 

Launched in 2019 with Gala Games, Gala is the parent company to Gala Games, Gala Music and Gala Film. The vision brings all three brands together in the shared pursuit of offering fans and creators unique and immersive experiences powered by Web3. 

Gala’s growing roster of reputable partnerships includes DreamWorks, AMC, NBCU, legendary game developers Peter Molyneux and Will Wright as well as music greats such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Kings of Leon and BT under the Gala brand.

For more information, visit: https://gala.com  


Anna Assinder