FTX exchange has seen its sponsorship with the Miami Heat stadium come to an end. The Miami Heat organization announced the termination of the sponsorship agreement on Monday without providing any specific reasons for the decision.

However, it’s speculated that the ongoing regulatory scrutiny and criticism of the cryptocurrency industry may have played a role.

FTX has been facing increased pressure from governments and financial regulators in recent months, with concerns being raised about the transparency and security of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Miami Heat organization stated that they will look for new sponsorship opportunities that align with their values and goals. FTX has yet to release an official statement regarding the sponsorship termination.

The loss of the Miami Heat stadium sponsorship is a significant setback for FTX, as the partnership had helped to raise the exchange’s visibility and credibility in the traditional sports world.

FTX will now have to work harder to regain trust and credibility with the sports community and the general public.

This is not an isolated incident, as regulatory pressures and negative perceptions of the crypto industry may lead to more sponsorship deals being terminated in the future.