A recent report released by the FTX team investigating the financial state of the failed exchange has disclosed that the company owes its customers a staggering $8.7 billion.

The report highlights instances of commingling and misappropriation of customer deposits, with approximately $6.4 billion of the owed amount being in the form of fiat currency and stablecoins that were misused.

Despite the troubling revelations, efforts to recover assets have resulted in the retrieval of about $7 billion, with the possibility of additional recoveries anticipated.

Details of the Report:

The report, a result of extensive analysis and forensic auditing, paints a damning picture of the company’s management and senior executives knowingly misusing customer funds.

It reveals a pattern of deception, including lying to banks and auditors, executing false documents, and engaging in jurisdiction hopping from the United States to Hong Kong to the Bahamas, all in an attempt to facilitate their wrongdoing while evading detection.

CEO’s Statement and Legal Proceedings:

John J. Ray III, the CEO leading the recovery efforts for creditors, denounced the deceptive practices employed by FTX Group, calling their portrayal as a customer-focused industry leader a mere illusion.

Ray’s statement emphasizes the commingling of customer deposits and corporate funds from the inception of the FTX.com exchange, pointing to the involvement of previous senior executives in the misappropriation.

These revelations have led to legal consequences, with founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried facing criminal charges scheduled for an October trial in New York.

The bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware are currently underway as Ray endeavors to settle the affairs of the exchange.

Prospects of FTX 2.0:

While FTX finds itself embroiled in the aftermath of its collapse, there have been indications that the company’s operations could potentially be restarted under the name FTX 2.0.

The future of the exchange remains uncertain as it navigates the bankruptcy proceedings and works towards resolving its financial obligations.