London, UK, Dec. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Football Coin is an ERC20 token, emerging as the first token linking the football world with the blockchain in an innovative way. Football Coin’s team intends to create a platform to attract sports wagers to the world of cryptocurrencies to improve their user experience. However, the Football DApp focuses on easy access so that every user can find their way around easily. 

Football Coin emerges as a new way of wagering. It intends to change the traditional remuneration system by making it reliable with the decentralized structures of the crypto ecosystem. Football Coin’s experts choose and set the initial odds of the wager. The user’s wagers around the initial quote. This variation occurs in a decentralized manner without any interference. 

In the world of web3, the Football DApp is the first fully decentralized application that allows users to wage on upcoming football matches with an enormous assortment of cryptocurrencies. The platform offers numerous cryptocurrencies, including

USDT-USDC-ETH-ERC20-WETH-WBTC, which provides a wide variety of choices to each user. To wager, the users need to have a wallet like Metamask and connect it to the Football DApp. A wagering history is also available for every wallet, so the user generally approaches all his previous actions.

The wagering platform, the Football DApp, offers the users the opportunity to have regressive fees that allows them to place the wagers optimally. Their fee system is developed to benefit holders and individuals who wish to optimize their fees by buying $FOOT tokens. The initial charge for participating in the wager will be 10%. But the wagers who consistently utilize the platform will find it profitable to purchase and hold $FOOT tokens to be able the wager with meager expenses, which can approach 0%. 

With its innovative system and decentralized way of wagering, the Football Coin team provides a finished product on the same day as the launch. It has a well elaborate plan for the future, like listings on major exchanges platforms, CEX. Consequently, Football Coin has become a significant actor in the crypto industry as traditional monetizing services are slowly turning into web3 and decentralization.