Dubai, UAE, 26th January, 2023

Flare is pleased to announce an official partnership with blockchain security specialist, FYEO. The firm will perform ongoing security audits of Flare’s codebases, providing actionable feedback to support safer smart contract development and help to minimize risk for all users of the network.

Rigorous professional auditing and testing are an important part of Flare’s blockchain security strategy. Alongside stringent internal testing measures, ongoing code audits help to establish a level of security assurance to application developers and users on the network.

Flare Co-Founder & CEO Hugo Philion said, “We are building our protocols with auditor reviews initiated from close to day one. We believe this guarantees a safer outcome than an auditor reviewing an entire code base at the end of development.”

In addition to continuous auditing from partners including FYEO, Flare also employs rigorous testing with testnets and a Canary network called Songbird. The Canary network is a live but more experimental version of Flare (similar to Kusama’s relationship to Polkadot) where Flare can test their protocols. The network advises application developers and builders to do the same. Flare recognizes that risk minimization from both an auditing and testnet perspective is crucial to building reputational trust amongst users.

In the words of Flare Co-Founder, Hugo Philion, “Our game as an organization within the industry is to mitigate the risk in blockchain such that people feel comfortable to use it. As a result of that, the usage can increase substantially”.

Tammy Kahn, Co-CEO of FYEO, said, “FYEO could not be more aligned with this vision for supporting adoption through user risk minimization, and look forward to our continuous work with Flare as it expands its presence as a leader of decentralized innovation.”

About Flare

Flare is an EVM-based Layer 1 blockchain designed to allow developers to build applications that can use data from other chains and the internet. By providing decentralized access to high-integrity data, Flare enables new use cases and monetisation models.

Flare’s State Connector protocols enable information, both from other blockchains and the internet to be used securely, scalably and trustlessly with smart contracts on Flare.

The Flare Time Series Oracle delivers highly-decentralized price and data feeds to dapps on Flare, without relying on centralized providers.

Build on Flare with more data than ever before or build with Flare to serve multiple ecosystems.

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About FYEO

FYEO is focused on solving the growing problem of cyber crime in Web3. FYEO’s code audit team is composed of some of the best DeFi logic experts in the world having worked on 100s of projects and protocols such as Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, ICON, Hyperlane, Sommelier Finance, and more. Its flagship product, FYEO Domain Intelligence, which provides real-time threat monitoring and intelligence for organizations, was developed to provide unparalleled security and address present-day security issues impacting both organizations and individuals. Today, the FYEO team continues its work to identify and evolve its products to solve the biggest security problems facing Web3 ecosystems.


Dan Horowitz