Fantom, a high-speed, low-cost blockchain platform, has announced a new program to reward dapps that generate high gas usage. The program, called the dApp Gas Monetization Program, will pay dapps 15% of the gas fees they generate.

The goal of the program is to drive demand for block space on the Fantom network and to reward developers for building high-quality dapps. The program is also expected to help to support Fantom’s network infrastructure.

Gas refers to the fees that users pay to interact with a blockchain network. On Fantom, gas fees are very low, typically fractions of a few cents per transaction. However, even small gas fees can add up over time, especially for dapps that generate a lot of traffic.

The dApp Gas Monetization Program will help to offset the cost of gas fees for dapps. This will make it more affordable for developers to build and operate dapps on the Fantom network.

It will also make dapps more attractive to users, as they will know that they will not have to pay high gas fees to use them.

The dApp Gas Monetization Program is a significant development for Fantom. It is a clear sign that the Fantom team is committed to supporting the growth of the dapp ecosystem on the Fantom network. The program is also expected to help to attract new users to the Fantom network.