In a recent letter, a dozen European Union (EU) politicians, including Dragoș Tudorache, have called for the “safe” development of artificial intelligence (AI) as Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, cautioned against the rapid advancement of AI technology.

The EU officials have requested a collaborative effort and a universal set of rules to govern the development, control, and deployment of AI, asking the EU Commission President and the US President to convene a summit on AI to agree on governing principles.

The Trade and Technology Council has also been requested to agree on a preliminary agenda for the proposed summit.

In addition, EU politicians have asked companies and countries worldwide to strive for a greater sense of responsibility while developing AI.

The letter highlights the unexpected speed of technological progress in the field of AI and calls for careful consideration while developing powerful AI.

The European Union has already introduced the Artificial Intelligence Act, and the European Data Protection Board has created a task force to examine generative AI chatbots.

The EU officials’ letter reflects the concerns of more than 2,600 tech leaders and researchers who called for a temporary pause on further AI development, citing profound risks to society and humanity.

On the other hand, Google’s CEO Pichai expressed caution around the rapid development of AI and highlighted the need for society to have time to adapt to the new technology.

He stated that a powerful technology like AI should not be released when it gives society no time to adapt. However, Pichai also noted that the number of people worrying about the implications of AI early in its life cycle is a positive sign, and there are responsible people trying to figure out how to approach this technology.