The European Commission (EU) has approved a new tax directive that will require crypto companies to report certain information to tax authorities. The directive is part of a broader effort by the European Union to regulate the cryptocurrency industry.

The directive requires crypto companies to report information on transactions, including the identity of the parties involved, the value of the transaction, and the date of the transaction. The information must be reported to tax authorities in the European Union where the transaction takes place.

The directive also requires crypto companies to keep records of transactions for at least five years. This will allow tax authorities to investigate potential tax evasion by crypto companies.

The directive is expected to come into effect in 2024. It is a significant development for the cryptocurrency industry in the European Union. The directive will help to ensure that crypto companies are paying their fair share of taxes and it will make it more difficult for criminals to use cryptocurrencies to launder money.

The directive has been welcomed by some in the cryptocurrency industry. They argue that it will help to legitimize the industry and make it more attractive to investors. Others have criticized the directive, arguing that it will be too burdensome for small crypto companies and that it will stifle innovation in the industry.

Only time will tell how the directive will impact the cryptocurrency industry in the European Union. However, it is clear that the directive is a significant development and it is likely to have a major impact on the industry in the years to come.