Polygon Network has announced a significant partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecommunications provider.

Deutsche Telekom will join Polygon’s PoS Chain as a validator, marking an important step in harnessing the potential of blockchain technology and enabling widespread applications.

The collaboration strengthens Polygon’s position as a leading Ethereum scaling solution and opens doors for more businesses to embrace blockchain.

Partnership Details:

Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiary, Deutsche Telekom MMS, will not only participate as a validator on Polygon’s PoS Chain but also provide staking and validation services for Polygon Supernets.

Supernets allow enterprises and applications to launch application-specific blockchains on Layer 3 while benefiting from the security guarantees of Ethereum.

Dirk Röder, the head of Deutsche Telekom’s Blockchain Solutions Center, emphasized the significance of the collaboration in fully exploiting blockchain technology’s potential for mass deployment.

Polygon’s PoS Chain and its Role:

Polygon’s PoS network is an Ethereum sidechain designed to provide a cost-effective alternative for transactions compared to the Ethereum mainnet. It operates with 100 permissioned validators, ensuring the network’s security and reliability.

The partnership with Deutsche Telekom adds another reputable validator to the network and reinforces Polygon’s commitment to maintaining and strengthening its PoS Chain.

Polygon’s Continuous Development:

Despite launching new Layer 2 scaling solutions, including the zkEVM network and Supernets, Polygon’s PoS Chain remains its flagship network.

With a total value locked of $1 billion and a top 5 ranking among smart contract networks, as per DeFi Llama, the PoS Chain demonstrates Polygon’s continued success and adoption within the blockchain ecosystem.

Polygon’s MATIC Token and Strategic Alliances:

While MATIC token performance has recently been outpaced by ETH, Polygon’s strategic alliances contribute to its long-term growth and recognition.

In a significant move, Google Cloud announced a multi-year strategic alliance with Polygon, expanding support for its blockchain tooling and infrastructure.

This includes Polygon’s PoS chain, zkEVM, and Supernets scaling solutions. Such alliances strengthen Polygon’s position as a leading Ethereum scaling solution and pave the way for further advancements in blockchain technology.