Decentralized finance data website DefiLlama has hit a roadblock, as one member of the team has attempted to launch a crypto token without approval from the rest of the team, leading to disputes over leadership.

The team member, known as 0xLlam4, reportedly intends to launch the token because of a lack of revenue generated by the site.

However, other members of the team have contested the decision, resulting in a split that has led to the launch of a nearly identical site, Despite the controversy, both sites currently offer the same leaderboard tool that tracks the total amount of cryptocurrency locked in various DeFi projects.

According to 0xngmi, the team member leading the split, the majority of the team launched the second site due to a “hostile takeover” as a result of the ongoing attempt to launch the token without the team’s approval.

However, Tendeeno, another member of the team, confirmed 0xngmi’s statements and further suggested that only 0xLlam4 is attempting to launch the token.

While 0xLlam4 is reportedly the creator of DefiLlama, 0xngmi has taken responsibility for the development and is the legal majority owner of the site. Tensions remain high within the team, and it is unclear if or when 0xLlam4 intends to release the alleged crypto token.