Dubai, UAE, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With Cubix, players can own and trade digital assets representing their favorite teams and players. The $CUBIX token will help everyone power the game economy, allowing players to purchase in-game items, rewards, and privileges.

Discovering the Cubix Ecosystem

For sports fans worldwide, fantasy sport is a popular activity. However, there are many challenges in the traditional fantasy sports industry that blockchain technology and NFTs can help address.

Cubix is introducing a novel way for sports fans to participate in fantasy sports that will resolve these issues. Ultimately, the team expects to make the gaming experience more enjoyable and profitable for players. 

The Cubix ecosystem comprises several critical components, such as the $CUBIX utility token and the Cubix wallet. Furthermore, the crypto community will be able to enjoy other features, such as:

  • NFT sports card packs: NFT sports cards will be available in the Cubix NFT Marketplace. In-game ownership will operate through the blockchain, making it possible to buy and sell NFT cards on a secondary market.
  • A blockchain-based non-NFT fantasy sports game: The Cubix platform also offers a non-NFT game for those who prefer traditional fantasy sports. This is a nice experience for newcomers and experienced fantasy sports players.
  • An NFT-based fantasy sports game: The real power of blockchain technology is evident in this type of fantasy game. Players can own and trade their cards on the NFT marketplace and get rewards for playing.
  • Virtual Reality Games: Another way users can enjoy the Cubix experience is through Virtual Reality games. These will bring the fantasy sports experience to life, allowing players to interact in a simulated environment.
  • P2P NFT Card Battle Game: Players can compete in multiple tournaments with cards from the NFT marketplace. This is an engaging and thrilling way to enjoy fantasy sports, with the incentive of earning rewards through card battles. 

With Cubix, sports fans can experience fantasy sports like never before. The team is excited to launch the Cubix ecosystem, expecting users will have an amazing time playing on the platform. 

The Benefits of In-Game Asset Ownership through NFT Technology

Cubix aims to bring a new, refreshing set of use cases for its NFTs and decentralized asset ownerships. It will provide access to a wide range of gaming experiences, all within the Cubix ecosystem. 

There are three main benefits to owning these digital assets:

  1. Renting: Users may rent out their NFTs and earn passive income without worrying about the market’s fluctuating conditions.
  2. Royalties: Minters can earn royalties on their NFTs through buying, selling, and trading.
  3. Auctions: Users may hold auctions for specific NFTs and set the conditions of the auction to their preference. 
  4. Farming: Users can earn Cubix tokens simply by holding onto the Nfts.

With these features combined, Cubix presents a unique opportunity for users to reap all the benefits of owning digital assets. With Cubix, people will not have to go through the stress and hassle of traditional asset trading. 

The Launch of the $CUBIX Token

The team has also unveiled the intention to issue $CUBIX, its native token. What makes the token special is that it will be a utility token used for various activities throughout the platform. Multiple income opportunities will be available with the $CUBIX token, such as earning via liquidity pool provision, staking, and more.

Whenever players win a match, they have the right to receive $CUBIX tokens. This means that the more active users become, the higher their income potential.

The token will launch on the BNB Chain and Polygon/Ethereum, providing a cross-chain system for users to access the token. This allows for more user flexibility and convenience, allowing them to take advantage of the various income opportunities $CUBIX offers.

About Cubix

Cubix is a fantasy sports platform for the blockchain age. It plans to allow breaking away from the traditional entry barriers associated with fantasy sports. 

It’s an innovative tool with the best aspects of both blockchain technology and NFTs for a great sports gaming experience.

With the help of smart contracts, users can play in a safe, secure, and transparent environment. With its blockchain technology and NFTs, Cubix is bringing the sports gaming industry into the future.

Everyone interested in Cubix can find more information on its website and the social media pages below.

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