Crypto influencer Ben “BitBoy” Armstrong has been formally served by the courts on April 5, following allegations of harassment of attorneys involved in the FTX class action lawsuit. Armstrong was named as one of the eight influencers who promoted FTX without disclosing the nature and scope of their sponsorships and endorsement deals.

Since the lawsuit was filed in March, Armstrong has allegedly contacted the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Adam Moskowitz, through emails, social media, and phone calls.

The lawyers involved in the case claimed that Armstrong had left voicemails that targeted the counsel, including threats to have protesters outside Moskowitz’s house.

The most recent filing states that the lawyers were unable to serve Armstrong until April 5. They are now requesting a hearing to address Armstrong’s conduct and allegations of harassment.

Armstrong, in response to being served, claimed that he would “bury” the lawyers and that they would “pay.” The lawyers, however, have requested a hearing in another class action lawsuit where Armstrong is named as a defendant, alleging that he promoted the sale of unregistered securities.

This is not the first time Armstrong has been involved in a lawsuit. Last August, he sued YouTuber Atozy, claiming that Mengshoel damaged business relations and hurt his reputation after releasing a video alleging that Armstrong promoted scams. Armstrong dropped the suit after it became public.

The lawyers involved in the FTX lawsuit have expressed their concern about Armstrong’s behavior, calling it “inappropriate, bullying, unprofessional and, frankly, terrorizing conduct.” They have also stated that such behavior cannot be condoned, especially when social media reaches millions of people.