Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming an integral part of many industries, and the crypto industry is no exception.

The latest to adopt this technology is, a leading crypto exchange that recently announced its new generative AI user assistant, Amy.

Amy is designed to provide users with real-time information on token prices, historical events, and projects within the industry. The AI assistant is currently in the pilot phase to gather feedback and learnings before being expanded in the future.

According to Abhi Bisarya, the executive vice president of product at, the company is bullish on the use of AI in the crypto industry. Bisarya sees incredible potential and opportunity in the convergence of AI and the crypto industry.

Although generative AI is still in its early days, there is potential for massive positive implications for many industries if done responsibly.

This is particularly the case for crypto, where AI can help educate users about the underlying technology and financial services more broadly. is not alone in integrating AI into its platform. Other crypto exchanges and wallets, such as Binance and OKX, have also launched AI features to capture market volatility and improve user education.

Solana Labs, a Web3 infrastructure company, has even announced its own ChatGPT-based plugin that uses AI to fetch blockchain data to check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase nonfungible tokens.

As the pilot phase of Amy progresses, expects to receive a lot of feedback from users, which will be integrated into future upgrades.