Utrecht, Netherlands, April 24th, 2023

  • Colecti, an upcoming NFT marketplace, has received a 470k Euro equity investment in 2022 from Lisk, as a part of its pre-seed fundraising strategy.
  • Colecti is the first NFT marketplace on the Lisk blockchain, offering low transaction fees and a user-friendly platform for creators and collectors of all levels of experience.
  • As a next step in Colecti’s fundraising strategy, Colecti will launch its Token Sale on April 24th, enabling Colecti to expand its team, enhance its platform’s features and functionalities, and accelerate its growth towards creating a thriving NFT ecosystem within Lisk.

Colecti, the upcoming marketplace for NFTs, is pleased to announce that it has received a 470k Euro equity investment in 2022 from Lisk. This equity deal is part of Colecti’s pre-seed fundraising strategy and will be followed by Colecti’s Token Sale starting on April 24th, 2023, with the aim of raising capital for scaling the company and creating a thriving market.

Colecti is a community-driven NFT marketplace that aims to provide easy access to NFT technology. It is set to make history as the first NFT marketplace within the Lisk ecosystem, offering low transaction fees and a user-friendly platform for creators and collectors of all levels of experience.

“Lisk is a recognized name in the blockchain industry, and this investment is a significant milestone for Colecti. Their investment is vital in supporting us in working towards creating a thriving NFT ecosystem on Lisk, bringing us closer to our vision of making NFTs accessible to everyone,” was stated by Colecti’s CEO Lukas Bronsvoort.

Colecti’s Token Sale starts on April 24th, 2023. The funds raised from this pre-seed round and token sale will be used to expand the team, enhance platform features and functionalities and accelerate growth. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to creating a bright future for NFT technology.

Colecti has the ambition to further decentralize the platform and to implement a DAO. In order to ensure that profits also benefit the community, validators will receive 50% of the platform commission paid in LSK tokens, in addition to COL block rewards. Additionally, the DAO will provide opportunities to COL holders to engage in curation, decision-making, proposal voting, and steering the project’s direction.

About Colecti

Colecti believes that community is at the heart of any successful marketplace. That’s why our platform is community-driven, meaning that our users are at the center of everything we do. We believe that by putting the needs of our users first, we can create a platform that truly meets their needs and fosters a sense of ownership and belonging among our community.

As a community-driven marketplace, Colecti is uniquely positioned to facilitate the innovation and growth of new applications built on Lisk technology. Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers creators and entrepreneurs to bring their NFT ideas to market and connect with users who are eager to discover new and exciting products.

Building on Lisk is a natural choice, as both platforms are committed to improve access to cutting-edge blockchain technology. With Lisk’s powerful and flexible blockchain infrastructure, and our user-friendly NFT marketplace, we are confident that we can help bring the benefits of blockchain technology to a wider audience than ever before.

Colecti is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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