CoinGate, the well-known cryptocurrency payment processor, has recently partnered with Binance Pay, allowing businesses to accept payments from Binance Pay users.

The integration of Binance Pay into CoinGate’s payment processing platform offers a straightforward and convenient payment option for companies around the world that meet specific industry and geographical criteria.

CoinGate’s customers will now have more payment options and convenience when Binance Pay is activated. This integration allows them to use their preferred cryptocurrency directly from their Binance wallets.

According to CoinGate CEO, Justas Paulius, this partnership will help accelerate cryptocurrency adoption.

“Our mission has always been the same – push for crypto adoption in all ways we can. That said, joining forces with Binance Pay is one of the most significant steps we can take right now to contribute to that goal,” he said.

Binance Pay integration with CoinGate is available by default and can be accessed through standard integration channels.

API access will be made available shortly. For the first three months, Binance Pay is free to use for making payments. After that, a 0.3% fee applies until users deactivate the service.

This integration enhances CoinGate’s services and enables companies to accept payments using the popular cryptocurrency app, increasing the number of payment methods available to consumers.

With the increasing popularity of digital assets, this improvement represents a significant step toward standardizing companies’ acceptance of cryptocurrency payments.