CertiK, a leading blockchain security firm, has been awarded a generous bounty of $500,000 from the Sui network after successfully flagging a potentially disruptive threat to Sui’s layer-1 blockchain.

The vulnerability, named “HamsterWheel,” was distinct from traditional attacks that aim to crash nodes and instead ensnared them, hindering their ability to process new transactions. This attack had the potential to paralyze entire networks and render them inoperable.

CertiK’s proactive efforts in discovering and reporting this vulnerability to Sui before its mainnet launch led to prompt implementation of fixes to safeguard the blockchain.

CertiK’s noteworthy achievement in identifying the HamsterWheel attack serves as a testament to the evolving sophistication of threats faced by blockchain networks.

Kang Li, Chief Security Officer at CertiK, emphasized the constant evolution of threats and the need for robust security measures in the blockchain industry.

The awarding of a $500,000 bounty by Sui not only recognizes CertiK’s contributions but also underscores the significance of bug bounty programs in ensuring the overall security and integrity of blockchain ecosystems.

The HamsterWheel attack, as discovered by CertiK, could have posed severe risks to Sui’s layer-1 blockchain. By trapping nodes and allowing them to perform operations while impeding the processing of new transactions, the attack had the potential to incapacitate the network.

However, thanks to CertiK’s prompt reporting and the swift response of the Sui network, necessary fixes were implemented to mitigate the vulnerabilities and protect the blockchain from potential damages.

These proactive measures demonstrate the commitment of blockchain projects to maintain robust security protocols and safeguard user assets.