Twitter’s new rate limit policy has sparked a wave of backlash from users, who are reporting technical issues and service disruptions.

The policy, which was implemented in response to concerns over data scraping and system manipulation, has caused many users to be unable to retrieve tweets, view their timelines, or follow other users.

The hashtag #TwitterDown has been trending on the platform, as users express their frustration with the new policy. Some users have even joked that Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson may have hit his own rate limit, after he announced that he would be taking a break from Twitter.

Critics of the policy have questioned its effectiveness in combating data scraping and system manipulation. They argue that the policy is too restrictive and that it is causing unnecessary inconvenience for legitimate users.

Twitter has defended the policy, saying that it is necessary to protect the platform from abuse. However, the company has not yet addressed the concerns of users who are experiencing technical issues.

As Twitter grapples with the aftermath of the rate limit implementation, it remains to be seen whether the policy will be successful in achieving its intended goals.

However, it is clear that the policy has caused significant disruption for many users, and it is likely to continue to be a source of controversy in the days to come.