A California-based cannabis nursery, Mendocino Clone Company, has turned to blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of its medicinal plants.

The company has partnered with the EMTRI project and tech firm Global Compliance Applications to implement this new system.

The process involves the use of a batch certificate for each clone, or baby plant. This certificate, which is a self-generated smart contract, provides each plant with its own unique identity block.

This identity block is created by the nursery and linked to the Ethereum blockchain. This allows clients, such as commercial farms and retail dispensaries, to verify the authenticity of the clones and their genetic lineage.

The first batch of clones with batch certificates will be available for purchase starting the first week of February.

Additionally, licensed cultivators who purchase Mendocino clones will also receive EMTRI token (EMT) rewards and better rates for participating in the blockchain project.

This move towards blockchain technology is a significant step forward for the cannabis industry, as it increases transparency and trust in the products being sold.

It also allows for better tracking of the plants from seed to sale, providing consumers with assurance that they are purchasing a high-quality product.