Crypto lending firm BlockFi has announced that it will disclose information on its assets, liabilities, and payments received before filing for bankruptcy in November.

In a January 9 Twitter thread, the company stated that it filed a presentation for its stakeholders, detailing plans for future court filings and bankruptcy proceedings.

The firm reached out to 106 potential buyers after its first bankruptcy hearing in November and will ask for the court’s approval for the bidding process on January 30.

BlockFi also stated that no members of the management team had withdrawn any crypto from the platform since Oct 14 nor “made a withdrawal greater than 0.2 BTC in value at any time” after August 17.

The company plans to file its assets and liabilities, along with a statement of financial affairs on Jan 11.

The announcement followed the United States Department of Justice’s notification that it had seized more than 55 million shares of Robinhood worth roughly $450m as part of the criminal case against crypto exchange FTX and its executives.

BlockFi was one of the parties claiming rights to the shares given certain financial ties to FTX.