BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently shared his thoughts on Bitcoin (BTC) during an appearance on Fox Business. Fink referred to Bitcoin as “digital gold” and emphasized its status as an international asset.

Fink expressed his interest in Bitcoin ETFs, stating that he would like to hear from regulators regarding their perspective on the matter. This marks a significant shift from his previous comments in 2017 when he referred to Bitcoin as a “money laundering index.”

In March 2022, Fink informed shareholders that he was actively exploring digital currencies, stablecoins, and their underlying technologies to better understand their potential benefits for customers.

He also mentioned that a well-designed global digital payment system could enhance the efficiency of international transactions while mitigating the risks of money laundering and corruption.

Highlighting the role of cryptocurrencies, Fink explained that they serve as a digitized form of gold, providing a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin is not tied to any specific currency, offering an alternative asset for investors.

Regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies, Fink acknowledged the importance of working closely with regulators and considering all relevant aspects of any application.

While he couldn’t provide specific details about the application, Fink emphasized the aim of democratizing crypto and making it more accessible and affordable for investors.