Arthur Hayes and Akshat Vaidya, the founders of Maelstrom Capital, are planning to beat the returns of Bitcoin and ether but are willing to take their time doing it.

The firm, set up as a family office using Hayes’ crypto pool, is focusing on infrastructure companies that have a strong technological moat and are addressing a large market.

According to Vaidya, this makes sense in the current cycle as there is not enough infrastructure to support consumer scaling. Unlike other firms, Maelstrom is not in a rush to deploy capital to earn management fees, so it can be patient in identifying quality projects.

Hayes believes that the turning point for the projects in which he is investing will likely come around 2024 when the market starts to question whether they have fulfilled their promises.

He also notes that the bear market is an ideal time to identify which companies are genuinely valuable and which are imitations. Although Maelstrom is willing to invest in a complete piece of junk, Hayes is focused on investing in quality projects, as he is not answerable to any liquidity provider.