In a highly anticipated decision in the SEC-Ripple case, XRP emerged victorious, leading to a wave of relisting announcements by exchanges.

After the SEC’s claim that XRP was a security, several exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance US, delisted the token.

However, with the recent ruling in favor of XRP, exchanges have started relisting the digital asset. Following Coinbase’s relisting, Binance US has also announced the reintroduction of XRP on its platform, further fueling market enthusiasm.

Binance US, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, excitedly announced the listing of XRP.

Users can now make deposits for XRP on the platform, with trading on the XRP/USDT pair scheduled to commence at 06:00 PDT / 9:00 AM EDT on July 14, 2023.

The relisting news is welcomed by XRP enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited the return of the token to various trading platforms.

The announcement of XRP’s relisting on Binance US immediately sparked a significant surge in its price. XRP climbed to an impressive $0.94, although it is currently being traded at $0.79 at the time of writing.

The surge demonstrates the market’s positive response to the SEC-Ripple case verdict and the subsequent relisting of XRP on major exchanges.

Investors and traders are closely monitoring the price movements of XRP as the market adjusts to the recent developments.

The relisting of XRP on exchanges like Binance US carries significant implications for Ripple and its native token. With the SEC case verdict in favor of XRP, the relisting signifies a step towards restoring investor confidence in Ripple and reinforces the argument that XRP is not a security.

The renewed availability of XRP on major exchanges opens doors for increased liquidity and market participation, potentially driving further adoption and utilization of the digital asset.