Binance has introduced trading for Maverick Protocol (MAV), the native token of a decentralized finance (DeFi) project supported by renowned investors including Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Binance Labs.

This move opens up new trading opportunities for users interested in engaging with the Maverick Protocol ecosystem. The token is now available for trading on Binance with initial support for three trading pairs: MAV/BTC, MAV/USDT, and MAV/TUSD.

To incentivize traders, Binance has announced zero fee trading on the MAV/TUSD trading pair until further notice. This provides a cost-effective opportunity for users to explore the potential of Maverick Protocol without incurring additional fees.

Binance’s decision to list Maverick Protocol follows its earlier addition of the token in its Launchpool. In addition to Binance, traders can also access MAV on other prominent exchanges such as Bitget and DigiFinex, expanding its availability and accessibility within the crypto market.

Maverick Protocol is a composable decentralized exchange (DEX) powered by the Maverick Automated Market Maker (AMM). As a DeFi infrastructure provider, Maverick aims to enhance capital efficiency for liquidity providers (LPs) within the ecosystem.

The project’s goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in DeFi by enabling users to allocate their liquidity where it can have the most impact, maximizing their returns and optimizing overall performance.

MAV is currently live on the Ethereum mainnet, zkSync, and BNB Chain, offering users multiple avenues to engage with the token.

The project has experienced notable growth since the launch of its Dynamic Distribution AMM, with the DEX recording a trading volume exceeding 2.5 billion. This growth reflects the increasing interest and engagement within the Maverick Protocol ecosystem.