Baby DogeCoin, a meme cryptocurrency, is gaining significant traction in the crypto market, following in the footsteps of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). The coin has recorded a 5% gain in the past 24 hours and a 50% increase over the last seven days.

With a market cap of $564 million, Baby Doge has become the third-largest meme coin, according to its official Twitter account. The development team also announced on April 14 that the altcoin will be listed on one of the top five crypto exchanges.

While the exchange name hasn’t been disclosed, the listing is expected to boost traffic to the cryptocurrency. The top five exchanges, according to CoinMarketCap, are Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, KuCoin, and Bitfinex. The Baby Doge Army is eagerly anticipating a listing on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange.

In just two years, Baby DogeCoin has experienced tremendous growth, attracting investors’ trust in the crypto market. The coin has surprised its supporters with its price movements, and its community of investors, known as the “BABYDOGE Army,” has continued to grow.

Despite being a meme coin, Baby Doge’s development team has been working tirelessly to ensure the cryptocurrency’s growth and success. In addition to the upcoming exchange listing, the team has launched several initiatives, including a charity token and a merchandise store.

The charity token, known as the Baby Doge Coin Donation Token (BDT), aims to support animal shelters and rescue organizations. The merchandise store, on the other hand, offers Baby Doge-themed products such as t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases.