The Avalanche (AVAX) network recently experienced a brief outage as it upgraded to a new software version. This event caused the C-and X-chains of the Ethereum (ETH) challenger to go down temporarily.

The X-chain, which is responsible for exchanging funds, was greatly affected, slowing down and processing only a few transactions. Meanwhile, block production on the C-chain, which is used for smart contracts, was completely halted.

As a result, crypto exchanges like UpBit, based in South Korea, temporarily suspended AVAX transactions due to the network outage.

According to AVAX co-founder Kevin Sekniqi, the problem was caused by a bug with version 1.9.12. The issue has since been resolved with the rollout of another upgrade, and Sekniqi urges Avalanche validators to upgrade to version 1.9.14 as soon as possible.

Despite the brief network outage, the issue has been resolved, and the network is starting to stabilize again. The AVAX community can breathe a sigh of relief as the Ethereum competitor continues to move forward with its mission to create a faster and more efficient blockchain network.