Merit Circle DAO, a fast-growing digital community focused on developing advanced gaming infrastructure, has announced the launch of Beam, a gaming subnet built on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain.

The new Beam network is designed to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering Web3 developers the opportunity to build next-generation gaming protocols.

Beam, the newest addition to the Merit Circle DAO ecosystem, provides a seamless onboarding process for smart contracts, enabling developers to build better on-chain games.

With minimal fees for fast transactions, the Avalanche network ensures that the Beam network is optimized for gaming protocols.

Notably, the Beam network is powered by the $MC token, which will be used for gas fees and network validation. $MC holders will also benefit from increased token burns from the Beam network, further adding value to the token.

The Beam network already has over 60 partnered games, dozens of contributors, developers, tools, and investors, and several gaming projects have already launched on the network.

For instance, the Trial Xtreme gaming project, which has attracted over 250 million downloads globally, is expected to launch an alpha trial on the Beam network to gather feedback from users before launching the full game.

Another exciting game, the Walker World, which is powered by Unreal Engine 5, is also expected to launch on the Beam subnet.

The Hash Rush and Edenhorde Eclipse gaming projects are other exciting games that are anticipated to launch on the Beam network. Each gaming project on the Beam network will have its own USDC/MC liquidity pool to facilitate the seamless swapping of tokens.