In 2021, conversations around the metaverse and virtual reality were at their peak, even in the cryptocurrency space, which led to tokens like Decentraland [MANA] and The Sandbox [SAND] reaching considerable All-Time Highs (ATH).

However, the unfavorable market condition seems to have derailed efforts, as many of these tokens dipped severely from their crests.

A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple’s upcoming launch of virtual reality (VR) devices could offer a breath of fresh air for the crypto market.

The Decentraland project is built around a virtual reality experience, with its token being on the Ethereum [ETH] blockchain.

In 2023, MANA accompanied the rest of the market, building an incredible 118.49% value increase in the last 30 days. So, with the incoming VR launch, will MANA exceed expectations again?

The report suggests that there is no certainty that green would result from Apple’s impact on MANA, but it cannot be written off either.

Additionally, other tech firms like Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta are also involved in building VR products, but there has been no notable breakthrough that the metaverse token could benefit from.

MANA’s recent upticks in the last few weeks can also be attributed to its volume. According to Santiment, the token’s trading volume hit over a billion dollars several times during the period. Overall, the crypto market is highly speculative and uncertain