There has been a significant Ankr Protocol exploit, though there aren’t many specifics available at the moment.

The development team disclosed that its aBNB token had been misused on December 2. Additionally, it stated that it was coordinating with exchanges to halt trading.

All underlying assets on Ankr Staking are currently safe, according to Ankr, and all infrastructure services are unaffected.

The BNB Chain ecosystem’s web3 infrastructure provider is Ankr. It is a platform for cloud computing that shares surplus processing power.

You can mine its native ANKR token by lending the network your computing power. On BEP-20 tokens, it also provides a selection of staking and yield-earning options.

The unlimited mint bug was found in the aBNBc token’s smart contract, according to blockchain security company PeckShield.

Additionally, it stated that 900 BNB worth roughly $253,000 had been transferred into Tornado Cash by the Ankr exploiter.

The addition that the exploiter currently holds 500,000 USDC and 3,000 ETH (about $3.8 million) indicates that it had also bridged USDC and ETH to Ethereum.

The hacker has amassed 20 trillion aBNBc and is now the token’s 13th-largest holder. Ankr Reward Bearing Staked BNB is another name for the staking reward token known as aBNBc.