Aave Companies have taken a step towards expanding the Lens Protocol for identity across web3 consumer products by purchasing Sonar, a mobile social gaming app that allows users to have NFT-based avatars.

Ben South Lee, co-founder of Sonar, has joined Aave as senior vice president of product and design. His brother, Sonar co-founder Randolph Lee, will join Aave as a principal engineer.

The two will lead a team tasked with creating mobile applications that incorporate Aave’s Lens protocol, a decentralized identity platform for web3 services.

Thousands of users of Sonar, which is available for iOS, have the ability to interact with one another by using avatars that can be presented as 3D characters or vibrant dots. Those who have Moji NFTs added to their profiles can benefit from this feature.

By 2023, Aave is hoping to expand the use of Lens Protocol, Sonar, and other web3 applications.

Sonar will integrate with Lens’ identity system, allowing users to generate and own their profiles and take advantage of the features of the Lens Protocol. Aave elaborated on this.